ECU Versions

MNE Numbers

There are two styles of ECU part numbers. ALL SPi ECUs start MNE, early ECUs then used a five digit number, we are not interested in these, the later ECUs use a six digit number and are more logical arrangement. of all the ECUs I have come across, the late ECUs numerical code starts 101, the next digit, is 0 for uncoded, and 1 for coded, the next two digits determines the Engine. in the case of the mini 70 is the Cooper and 50 is the non Cooper

ECUManual / AutomaticAttributesVIN No. FromVIN No. To
MNE10026AutomaticSPI – Except Cooper59844
MNE10027ManualSPI – Japan – Except Cooper60487
MNE10097ManualSPI – Except Cooper – 1992-9359586
MNE10078ManualSPI – Japan – Cooper60487
MNE10090AutomaticSPI – Except Cooper5984568084
MNE101060AutomaticSPI – Except Cooper68085103112
MNE10092ManualSPI – Cooper6048869492
MNE101070ManualSPI – Cooper69493103112
MNE10089ManualSPI – Except Cooper5958767377
MNE101040ManualSPI – Except Cooper67378103112
MNE101150ManualSPI – Except Cooper103113134454
MNE101160AutomaticSPI – Except Cooper103113134454
MNE101170ManualSPI – Except Cooper103113134454
MNE101350ManualSPI – Except UK – 1996 on134455
MNE101351ManualSPI – Except UK – 1996 on134455
MNE101360AutomaticSPI – Except UK – 1996 on134455
MNE101361AutomaticSPI – Air Con – Except UK – 1996 on134455