Windows 10 64bit

MacOS Catalina (10.15)

MEMScene Command Line Utility
The memscene command line utility allows you to convert from readmems piped log files, mems-rosco and MemsDiag applications into MEMSFCR format for replay.
Download Here (Windows Version)

Version 2.1.0
31st January 2021
+ bug fix connecting in Windows
+ bug fix in initialisation sequence
+ minor ui fixes for smaller screen resolutions

Version 2.0.0
29th January 2021
+ major rewrite of communication between the app and the web front end due to random message loss / syncing issues.
+ added ability to test actuators
+ added more helpful tooltips, particularly in the ECU Data section
+ ability to disconnect from the ECU / playback without quitting
+ fixed port and auto temination on browser close

Version 1.5.5
16th January 2021
+ Bug fix: Connect stuck on waiting for connection if the communication failed.

Version 1.5.4
20th November 2020

+ Removed WebView from Mac version, so the browser is used consistently in all platforms.
+ Added a REST API with a view to simplifying the web communications
+ General code tidy up

Version 1.5.3
30th July 2020

+ Extended graph period in Profiling to give longer trends

Version 1.5.2
27th July 2020

+ Fixed Lambda Voltage calculation, similar issue S/LFT below missed on 1.5.1 build

Version 1.5.1
27th July 2020

+ Fixed Short and Long Term Trim calculations wrapping unsigned integers

Version 1.5.0
23th July 2020

+ Replay data logs
+ Sparklines under gauges
+ Improved Gauge labels
+ Fixed Gauge red, amber and green zones
+ Regression lines added to profile graphs