This site is put together as an easy reference for owners of Mini Spi and MEMS ECU vehicles. I have written and provide the MemsFCR software for Mac and Windows free, along with a number of others who also contribute to this great community.

The sources of the information have been collated from a number of websites and authors. In addition, a number of organizations have been generous enough to support the development and distribution of open-source software.

Thanks to:

Jetbrains who provide IntelliJ for open-source software development

Advanced Installer who provided the installation software for Windows distribution

Roger Carpenter, Classic Mini NLA: Rare & Alternative parts

Leopold Gunther, mems-rosco

James Portman,

Colin Bourassa, memsgauge / memsreader

The MiniForum, SPI Section, in particular the articles by Sprocket

Black Box Solutions, FCR diagnostics