Rover MEMS 1.3/1.6 Fault Code Reader

New Version!
Version 2.4.0, 9th November 2021
Seek function when replaying log files

MemsFCR is a Rover MEMS 1.6/1.9 compliant Fault Code Reader and Analytics for MacOS and Windows 10. MemsFCR allows you to connect to your MEMS ECU and monitor all known ECU data parameters. All MEMS data points are read and can be viewed directly. If any faults have been detected these will be displayed and can be cleared. The data can be logged to a CSV file for easy analysis using Excel or Google Sheets. The application connects using the serial interface and supports the serial FTDI cables you can purchase on eBay.

  • Display live dashboard of the essential diagnostic sensors with colour banding to indicate best operating values.
  • A running profile of RPM, AFR, Coolant Temperature and Loop status with regression line to show trend indication.
  • All ECU data parameters shown live
  • Ability to read and modify the adaptive values.
  • Automatic generation of log files which can easily be analysed in Excel or Google Sheets or even replayed as a simulation.
  • Display and clearance ECU reported faults.
  • Automatic detection of fault conditions not provided by the ECU.