Rover MEMS 1.3/1.6 Fault Code Reader

Web Memsfcr

Web Memsfcr is an online version of the popular MemsFCR application. No installation required and runs directly in your browser.

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MacOS and Windows installed applications for offline diagnosis

MEMS Analyser

MEMS Analyser is an online tool for providing detailed fault analysis of log files produced by the MemsFCR application.
(built into the online version)

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Rover MEMS Fault Code Reader


MemsFCR is a Fault Code Reader and Fault Diagnostic Tool for the Rover MEMS 1.3/1.6 fitted to Rover Single Point Injection Minis.


MemsFCR connects to your MEMS ECU via a special diagnostic cable that can purchased on eBay. All known ECU data parameters are displayed along with any faults that have been detected. All data can be downloaded as a CSV file for easy analysis using Excel or Google Sheets.