Fault Codes and Alerts

The Fault Codes and Alerts screen shows the detected fault codes from the ECU which can be cleared by clicking the Clear Faults button. The bottom set of indicators are faults and alerts that have been detected by analyzing the operation of the engine over a period of time. These indicate that there may be a fault or characteristics outside of the best operating performance.

  • Idle Switch
    Indicates that throttle position is at idle
  • Park / Neutral Switch
    The car is in neutral, can be ignored on a car with a manual gearbox
  • Lambda Active
    The ECU is operating in Closed Loop where it uses the Lambda (O2) Sensor to adjust the air : fuel mixture

  • TDC Sensor
    Indicates if the TDC Sensor has a fault
  • Lambda < 10mV or > 900mV
    The lambda sensor operating voltages should be within this range, if a number of low or high value events are detected the Lambda Reading Lean or Rich alerts will be triggered.
  • IAC Low Readings
    If the stepper motor has run out of adjustment the IAC Low alert will be triggered, this usually indicates that the ECU is unable to bring the RPM down when idling.
  • Jack Count Max Threshold
    Each time the stepper motor has run out of maximum adjustment the Jack Count increases, if the Jack Count is high then this alert will be triggered.