Connecting to the ECU

To connect to the ECU,

  1. Connect the Diagnostic Cable to the Diagnostic Port in the Enginer Bay, this is a circular white connector to the left of the air filter.
  2. Plug the Diagnostic Cable into the computer (if you're running Windows then you'll need to install the FTDI Drivers). 
  3. Using Chrome, Opera or Edge Browser naviagte to or Download and run the WebMemsFCR desktop application.
  4. Click on CONNECT. you will be prompted to select the serial port. This will show as FT232R USB UART or on the desktop application, /dev/cu.usbserial-FTxxxxxx
  5. If the connection fails or the system is unable to find any serial ports you will be shown a connection error. If this happens, check your connections and try again.

Once connected, the display should show a live stream of the ECU values.