Installing and Troubleshooting Windows Drivers

Diagnostic cables can be purchased from James Portman ( for the Rovers MEMS ECU. These cables use a FTDI chip that converts the RS232 serial communications from the ECU into a low power USB serial communications suitable for PCs. A driver is required to be installed for these cables to be identified by and work properly in Windows.

James sells these directly from the website, secure payment taken via and posts using Royal Mail with tracking, James will send you the tracking link once the postage has been arranged

Installing Windows Drivers

Installation Guides

FTDI Provide a full set of installation guides for each Windows version.

All the guides can be found here (opens in a new tab)


It is important that the FTDI drivers are installed correctly. If installed correctly you should have new COM ports appear. On my PC it shows as COM5 and clicking on details shows it as a USB FTDI port.